Aidan Mackinnon

Aidan Mackinnon Hyper Rustic 4.jpg
Aidan Mackinnon Hyper Rustic 4.jpg

Aidan Mackinnon



Hyper Rustic

timber, steel

35 x 2 x 5cm




Cut Throat has decided to take on the rustic kitchen knife with a twist... because why be drab?

The 8" blade has a tsuchime (hammered) finish on the blade with a compound grind. Made using 52100 High Carbon Steel it will age and patina with use, telling the story of your kitchen. The blade boasts stainless bolsters and some incredible multicoloured handles made using wood dyed and stabilised under vacuum.

There is something so tactile about this knife; you'll find it hard to ever put down. The way it contours into your hand and the feel of the hammered finish can only be described as lux.

Photograph by Rebecca Newman

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