Alan Constable

Alan Constable Cameras 1.jpg
Alan Constable Cameras 1.jpg

Alan Constable



Untitled (Ceramic Cameras)

earthenware, glaze

13 x 50 x 20cm

$2,400 (individual pricing on enquiry)



Alan Constable's ceramic sculptures reflect a life-long fascination with old cameras beginning at the age of eight. Constable’s finger impressions can be seen clearly on the clay surface, leaving the mark of the maker as a lasting imprint. The sculptural versions of this potent instrument possess a powerful presence, emphasising the handmade. Dials are moulded separately and thumbed into position while viewfinder windows are cut directly through surfaces. The work celebrates the imperfections of the human touch and the uniqueness of interpretation.

Alan is represented by Arts Project Australia. 

Photograph by Penny Hunt 

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