Anna Davern

Anna Davern The Golden Lands of the Sunny South 5.jpg
Anna Davern The Golden Lands of the Sunny South 5.jpg

Anna Davern



The Golden Lands of the Sunny South

wood and foam core diorama, objects made from re-worked biscuit tins, printed steel, gem-stone beads

250 x 60 x 480cm

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Golden Lands of the Sunny South¹ is a large mechanised diorama which can be manipulated by handles, cranks and pulleys to play out a fantastical narrative. The diorama features a fictional retelling of colonial exploration in a strange, altered landscape - fused with the pomp and ceremony of Elizabethan tradition. Characters and props can be removed and worn as individual jewellery pieces or displayed as objects. Using images of kitsch Australiana found on old biscuit tins and historical imagery printed on to metal, Anna examines the idea of “Australian-ness” and the issues of colonialism and multiculturalism that make up the Australian cultural identity. Rearranging and reconstructing the printed images, Anna creates hybrid creatures and alternative tableaux: both as cultural commentary and as humorous acknowledgement of the hybrid nature of contemporary Australian society.

¹ “The Golden Land of the Sunny South” is the title of one of the first Australian moving dioramas, created by Edwin Stocqueler and opened at the Mechanics Institute in Melbourne in 1859.

Anna is represented by e.g.etal

Photograph by Andrew Phillips 


The Golden Land of the Sunny South was exhibited at e.g.etal, Melbourne during Radiant Pavilion, September 2015 and was the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Radiant Pavilion.

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