Aphra Ellen Cheesman

Aphra Ellen Cheesman Superbug 2.jpg
Aphra Ellen Cheesman Superbug 2.jpg

Aphra Ellen Cheesman




sterling silver, bronze, powder coated

35 x 45 x 9cm




Superbug is a series of objects exploring natural processes – growth, transformation and mutation.

Influenced by macro photography of bacteria replicating, mutating and eventually becoming resistant to antibiotics, the work explores how ‘chance’ (in both natural and creative processes) has a powerful and compounding effect over time; each component of Superbug is informed by the one before it, each object a ‘mutation’ of the previous.

Hinges and rivets further this transformational narrative, allowing the object to alter its presence - mimicking the evolution and mutation of bacteria. The object becomes shifting and uncertain much like the future of antibiotics.

Photograph Aphra Ellen

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