Blanche Tilden

Blanche Tilden Flow 03 Necklcae 1.jpg
Blanche Tilden Flow 03 Necklcae 1.jpg

Blanche Tilden



Flow 03 necklace

borosilicate glass, titanium

25 x 2.2cm




Flow is a description of the creative process, where emotions are harnessed and channelled into a deep focus and enjoyment through the process of making.

The Flow 03 necklace marks a shift in direction, emphasising an intuitive interpretation of machines and architecture, to accentuate transparency, balance, movement and the particular beauty of clear glass.

On display, the necklace features curved lines of light that when worn, come alive, moving effortlessly, moulding to the body and containing light in a continuing shift and bend of refraction.

Blanche is represented by Gallery Funaki, Melbourne.

Photograph by Grant Hancock

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