Cassie Leatham

Cassie Leatham Emu Healing 1.jpg
Cassie Leatham Emu Healing 1.jpg

Cassie Leatham



Emu Healing

emu feathers, beeswax, ochre, charcoal, stringy bark, possum fur, wren feathers, gumnuts

30 x 10cm




I am Taungurung Wurundjeri woman from the Kulin Nation. Emu Healing represents my journey and healing whilst dancing with Taungwurrung for Tanderrum, a dance performance with the five language groups of the Kulin Nation. The necklace is all hand made with natural materials, I used stringy bark to make my twine and possum fur, foraged emu feathers were attached with beeswax and charcoal to represent my totem Waa the crow and red ochre and beeswax to represent Bunjil our creator. This necklace has been traditionally sung and smoked in ceremony and by wearing this necklace I felt strong like the emu but delicate like it's feathers at the same time, it's helped me heal from an illness and having this in my presence reminds me of how powerful it truly is and beautifully natural.

Photograph by Cassie Leatham

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