Dawn Vachon

Dawn Vachon I Digress 1.jpg
Dawn Vachon I Digress 1.jpg

Dawn Vachon




ceramic materials

62 x 20 x 13cm




To maintain continuous clarity of thought without doubt, digression, or deformation is rather rare. And so my work is the result of several half-sentences and truncated revelations, arranged together in attempt to organise the wrinkles and the clamour into something faintly melodious.

As a starting point I experiment with alternate ways of using common ceramic materials – in I Digress geometric forms made out of materials that melt were coated with a skin of clay that does not. Upon firing the skin bends and folds in response to the bloating and softening of the inner material. These forms amass and descend as a sanguine blob and line pursue stabilisation. 

Photograph by Dawn Vachon

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