Donna Blackall

Donna Blackall Turtle 1.jpg
Donna Blackall Turtle 1.jpg

Donna Blackall



Long Neck Turtle

New Zealand flax

54 x 25 x 22cm




Donna Blackall is a Yorta Yorta artist, currently living in Ballarat on Wathaurong country. She is what is referred to as a journey woman, which means she is in the process of learning weaving techniques and stories, and has been weaving for eight years.

Originally taught to weave as a young girl, Donna rekindled her love of weaving when she participated in a workshop with master weaver Bronwyn Razem (Gunditijmara). Donna uses a blanket stitch as it is a strong, sturdy stitch that is both practical and beautiful. She uses NZ Flax in her baskets, which she collects from her local area. Although NZ Flax is not indigenous to Australia, it is strong and wide, making in perfect for Donna’s style of weaving.

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