Elnaz Nourizadeh

Elnaz Nourizadeh Margaret, Jennifer and Jessica 1.jpg
Elnaz Nourizadeh Margaret, Jennifer and Jessica 1.jpg

Elnaz Nourizadeh



Margaret, Jennifer and Jessica


20 x 30 x 28cm




Margaret, Jennifer and Jessica is a group of three sculptural ceramic vases. Inspired by a dream, each vase represents a woman from a different era – Margaret from the 1930s, Jennifer from the 1960s and Jessica from the 1990s. The vases depict the women’s differences as well as similarities being thirty years apart in age; each vase is glazed in the same style but each depicts the distinct movements of the women’s bodies during their conversation – Margaret stands more upright and still for instance, while Jessica moves with more fluidity. In the dream, although the women are from different generations they understand each other well. Each of my sculptures manifests a period in my life; my emotions and experiences. I like to create sculptures that express feelings, emotions and motion. Over time my sculptures have transitioned from statements about restrictions in my life to ideas of freedom and breaking through barriers.

Photograph by Elnaz Nourizadeh

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