Jane Sawyer

Jane Sawyer Rainshadows #1 1.jpg
Jane Sawyer Rainshadows #1 1.jpg

Jane Sawyer



Rain Shadows #1

ceramic (glazed red earthenware)

70 x 30 x 45cm




The dominance of vision in our culture as the major mode of interaction begs to be challenged and I’m curious about the scope of objects to provide subtle messages through touch, to either bypass, extend or enhance the visual. In using clay as a material of choice for this expression, the characteristic of fluidity has been a natural exploration for me. Surfaces that are first stroked and caressed, then layered with wet clay and glazes, speak of processes that are embedded in and arise from a primal sense of touch.

In this new ceramic work under the title Rain Shadows, fluidity is taken quite literally in the forms of these vessels. Distorted yet still recognisable, the humble bucket and the watering-can may be found in many gardens. Yet as our gardens are increasingly under threat from a changing climate, perhaps these objects take on a new meaning and value. Like a passing rain shadow, they may hint at what might be possible yet pose a foreboding question to call our attention and provoke action.

Photograph by Andrew Barcham

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