Kirsty Macafee

Kirsty Macafee An Extemporaneous Text 1.jpg
Kirsty Macafee An Extemporaneous Text 1.jpg

Kirsty Macafee



An extemporaneous text

hand spun text image, stirling silver links

6cm (diameter)




An extemporaneous text (2016)

You take the thing that is really there, and gradually build from it. You build your meal, your banquet; it’s always a banquet when a few things are beautifully related (Frederick Sommer).

An extemporaneous text appropriates a transcript of a talk given by Frederick Sommer at the University of Chicago in 1970. The transcript was printed, hand cut, wet processed, and finally hand spun on a drop spindle. The resulting ball of string presents both object and material - able to be reformatted as the need arises. It may be used to repair, to tie, to bind, to join, to bond, to cover, to expand or to weave a new text(ile).

This work is exhibited through the generosity of Dr Shane Hulbert for whom it was made.

Photograph by Kirsty Macafee

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