Lindy McSwan

Lindy McSwan Whisper Quiet by New Moon 1.jpg
Lindy McSwan Whisper Quiet by New Moon 1.jpg

Lindy McSwan



Whisper Quiet by New Moon

mild steel (heat coloured)

13.7 x 9.5 x 8.5cm (smallest vessel) 23.8 x 10 x 8.5cm (largest vessel)




My current practice primarily focuses on the vessel. The process of forming is integral to my work. Taking this part of my practice outside the conventional silversmithing studio, most of my forming is undertaken using equipment traditionally used in motor vehicle panel beating. The vessels in this exhibition were formed using a customised piece of equipment where the metal is rolled between a tapered steel wheel and a skateboard wheel to create the folds and creases in the work.

These vessels reference a very silent and dark night spent camping between sand dunes in the Great Victoria Desert – near the SA/WA border. It is a rare occurrence to experience total quiet and stillness, in the absence of artificial light, under the sublime and tranquil light of a new moon.

Photograph by Matthew Stanton

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