Mechelle Shooter and Richard Greenacre - Shacre Studio

Mechelle Shooter FORM_WERK 1.jpg
Mechelle Shooter FORM_WERK 1.jpg

Mechelle Shooter and Richard Greenacre - Shacre Studio




imperial white porcelain

40 x 40 x 21cm (installation)




FORM_WERK is a unique collection of porcelain vessels cast from unconventional fabric moulds. The collection has been developed through a material-driven experimental design approach where craft methodologies and practices have been combined with industrial processes.

The traditional plaster mould has been substituted for one of stitched fabric and sponge, which during casting leaves the surface of the clay imprinted with a surprising geometric patchwork of contrasting textures. The mould is suspended in space within a rigid metal framework. Interchangeable laser-cut steel profiles are used to clamp the edges of each mould, creating the vessel’s distinctly defined edges. During casting, the weight of the Imperial White porcelain slip plays with the fabric’s natural flexibility, causing subtle slumping that is evident in the final form. This flexibility in the structure of the mould introduces a unique organic element into each ceramic vessel ensuring that no two pieces will ever be the exactly the same.

Photograph by Shacre Studio

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