Peter Waples-Crowe

Peter Waples-Crowe Dingo Spirit 1.jpg
Peter Waples-Crowe Dingo Spirit 1.jpg

Peter Waples-Crowe



Dingo Spirit

ceramic sculpture

30 x 11 x 16cm




Dingo Spirit honours the first people of Australia. It acknowledges their ongoing connection to country and is a symbol of protection. In the form of a ceramic dingo, Dingo Spirit was a collaborative process that bought together Ngarigo artist Peter Waples-Crowe with non-Indigenous craft makers, Katie Jacobs and Ingrid Tufts. Dingo Spirit allowed the artists to share skills, share our cultures, explore new ideas and produce a quality ceramic sculpture. The Dingo is a symbol of the underdog, our native dog that is classified as a pest in most of Australia, yet has been shown to be the apex key species that can restore balance to the environment. The sculpture honours the dingo and its strong connection to the first people. It honours the spiritual powers of the dingo, like shapeshifting,  and wears protective Koori shield designs, proudly on its back. It's form and gold and black colour also reveals global connections such as the Mexican Colima dog and even a nod to Anubis, the Egyptian dog god.

Photograph by Sarah Weston

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