Sai-Wai Foo

Sai Wai Foo A Thousand Journeys 1.jpg
Sai Wai Foo A Thousand Journeys 1.jpg

Sai-Wai Foo



A Thousand Journeys

mixed media assemblage: pleated vintage book papers, glass-head steel pins, cotton thread, ceramic dolls head, enamel paint, silver plated vessel, foam-core, aluminum, adhesives, housed in a glass dome with painted wooden base

26 x 26 x 50cm




A Thousand Journeys is an assemblage that continues my exploration of embracing the unwanted.  The object is made of a tarnished silver vessel supporting a ceramic dolls head, emerging from or being engulfed by masses of pleated paper. These clusters of paper are studded with glass-headed pins and connected with threads.

Honoring the once-treasured, seeking to re-appropriate the rejected and imbue it with a new value once again precious and prized.

The repurposing of redundant items, subverting their use and with the addition of the craft-based and the artisanal; seeks to questioning how items are used and re-used. The act of cutting, folding and manipulating paper beyond the flat plane, is implicit in its human connection and continues this discussion, pushing the work into the three-dimensional realm.

Photograph by Sai-Wai Foo

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