Sarah Tracton

Sarah Tracton Sonic Terrain 6.jpg
Sarah Tracton Sonic Terrain 6.jpg

Sarah Tracton



Sonic Terrain


29 x 20 x 20cm




My practice explores the intersection between technology and the human body; the transition from silence towards sound with a cochlear implant. Ceramics has been a vital form of catharsis in channelling my creativity in response to my diminishing hearing.

I build architectural porcelain slabs by pouring wet slip onto plaster surfaces, sheets are peeled away revealing coloured patterns, and then joined with slip. Iridescent prismatic oranges and marbled chromatic panorama coloured surfaces akin to landscape topography are revealed.
Colours morph and transform as they undergo their react with new atmospheres; via a collision of water, and heat. This unveiling of colour is a metamorphosis that is fascinating to behold.

Cyber technology has enabled me a recent freedom. Working with vibrant pops of colour and the translucent light of porcelain encapsulates this feeling. Sonic Terrain reflects my enhanced colour sensory and tactile perception upon returning to the world of sound.

Photograph by Sarah Tracton

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