Stephen Ziguras

Stephen Ziguras Penrose Bowl 1.jpg
Stephen Ziguras Penrose Bowl 1.jpg

Stephen Ziguras



Penrose Bowl #2

cambia ash, cambia maple, american oak and rock maple

50 x 50 x 15 cm




The Penrose Bowl #2 is a faceted timber bowl based on a two-dimensional Penrose tiling mapped onto a three-dimensional form, bending the diamond shaped tiles across the middle in the process to form triangles. Twenty different timber pieces from Cambia Ash, Cambia Maple, American Oak and Rock Maple were cut to size using Rhino software to identify bevels, edge lengths and point angles, and the pieces glued together to create the final form. The bowl can be used as any other large bowl, but is designed to stand alone as a sculptural piece.

Photograph by Randall Kohn

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