Tae Schmeisser

Tae Schmeisser Coq Of The Walk 1.jpg
Tae Schmeisser Coq Of The Walk 1.jpg

Tae Schmeisser



Coq of the Walk

gold plated sterling silver , 5 x citrine/ garnet set underneath

3.8 x 1.9 x 1.5 cm




The Coq of the Walk ring playfully explores a seemingly unremarkable landscape and invites the wearer to imagine the sounds, smells and possible scenarios that have lead to the suspended moment. The sculptural collage ring houses 5 hidden garnet and citrine 'eggs' set to the underside of the band. As in real life, the eggs are not outwardly visible and remain a precious little secret between the wearer and the brood.

The gold finish on the work further affirms the preciousness in these sweet ordinary moments and is a reminder to remain curious and enjoy the simple things.

Tae is represented by Pieces of Eight. 

Photograph by Haydn Cattach

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