Tae Schmeisser

Tae Schmeisser Galactic Necklace 1.jpg
Tae Schmeisser Galactic Necklace 1.jpg

Tae Schmeisser



Galactic necklace

internally hand airbrushed borosilicate glass, aluminium and titanium plated crystal

17 x 2.5 x 26cm




The Galactic necklace celebrates the beauty and importance of contemporary craft techniques within traditional design. Initially inspired by rattle can splatter patterns, the free hand airbrushing technique used in this piece, employs a 0.2mm nozzle and needle to delicately and uniquely paint the borosilicate glass spheres from within. The glass, though incredibly durable, emits a sense of fragility, which is countered by the harsh and primitive looking titanium plated crystal shards amidst the classical Victorian necklace silhouette.

This piece pays homage to the centuries of design that have been laid before and the exciting possibilities, future advancements in materials and means that will continue to encourage fresh thought and craftsmanship.

Tae is represented by Pieces of Eight. 

Photograph by Haydn Cattach

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