Tallara Gray

Tallara Gray Set in Time 1.jpg
Tallara Gray Set in Time 1.jpg

Tallara Gray



Set in Time

kelp leaf, river reed

60 x 20 x 2cm




Set in Time is about the process of working with kelp, its visceral associations and how it is very much materially driven. There is a sense of urgency in working with kelp to use the remainder of its life. Kelp is very much an organic and ephemeral material and it washes ashore having been dislocated from its life force. As I work with the kelp I am aware of its changing smell, feel and look and that I am working with something that is dying which brings a very subdued, even subconscious state of sadness or loss. The work continues to be formed past the point of me being finished with it, as the kelp shrinks and warps as it dries. It is a powerful process shaping it into a form that will be forever – but I don’t have all that control.

Tallara is represented by Baluk Arts. 

Photograph by Tracey-Lea Smith

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