Wendy Jagger

Wendy Jagger High Country Dreaming 1.jpg
Wendy Jagger High Country Dreaming 1.jpg

Wendy Jagger



High Country Dreaming

southern ice porcelain, cobalt, glaze

45 x 30 x 25cm




Surrounded by the beautiful and sometimes austere alpine environment of Victoria’s North East, my studio looks directly to Mt Buller. My work is strongly influenced by the seasonal landscape of the mountains and its fragile flora. I regularly document the scenery by photographing and painting ‘en plein air’, endeavoring to capture the seasons and swiftly changing weather patterns. High Country Dream is a compilation if impressions from these visual records. Thrown Southern Ice vessels become my canvas, decorated with cobalt oxide and underglaze pencil. The cool, unglazed and polished porcelain is reminiscent of the hard-packed snow. The imagery of delicate, yet strong, alpine vistas wrap around the vessels in a never-ending landscape.

Photograph by Wendy Jagger

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