Yoko Ozawa

Yoko Ozawa A Steaming Kettle 1.jpg
Yoko Ozawa A Steaming Kettle 1.jpg

Yoko Ozawa



A Steaming Kettle

clay, glaze, copper wire, wood

15 x 20 x 20cm




I always wonder about natural phenomena such as fog, rain, snow, light and shadow, and also things that we cannot see, like a breath of air or scent. The Steaming Kettle portrays the atmosphere of the teapot and its surrounding where the hot steam is emitted from the spout, and along with this, the sensation of temperature and the stillness. 

Ozawa works with subtle tones and wheel thrown, geometric, simplistic forms. Through this, she explores the stillness and space between objects, something defined by Yohaku (blank space), a Japanese painting concept which she studied early in her career. It can sometimes take Ozawa many years to get the right form as well as develop the ideas for her pieces, but this is always a natural process. She believes in Japanese Slow Design, where this lapse of time is key to eliciting the true feeling of her work.

Photograph by Yoko Ozawa

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