Yuko Fujita

Yuko Fujita Whispers 1.jpg
Yuko Fujita Whispers 1.jpg

Yuko Fujita




Japanese cypress, sterling silver, brass, enamel paint, silk cord

10 x 6 x 6cm




Whispers was developed from my experience in the Australian Outback. Something that made a significant impression there was the unexpected harmony created by the many contrasts.

The work is about admiration and respect for voiceless life that I saw in the sublime beauty of the landscape. I visualised their whispering in figurative wearable objects so that we can feel the connection.

The repetition and the variation of simple elements in my approach reflect that everything shares a common thread that binds them together as an integral part of the world despite the diverse appearance.

Inspired by traditional artisan techniques, the strip of Japanese cypress was wet formed and dried in a desirable shape and worked together with silver. I combined these materials in each work and present 2 figures for Whispers to create a sense of harmony through contrast.

Yuko is represented by Pieces of Eight and is represented by e.g.etal

Photograph by Yuko Fujita

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