Zhu Ohmu

Zhu Ohmu Empty Thoughts 3.jpg
Zhu Ohmu Empty Thoughts 3.jpg

Zhu Ohmu



Empty Thoughts

white raku

25 x 25 x 27cm




The initial concept for this piece was a response to the rise in popularity of 3D printed ceramics. Corresponding to biomimetics - the imitation of models or systems of nature - I wanted to see what forms would manifest if I mimicked the 3D printer, mounding coils on top of each by hand.

Vessels are built through stacking, folding and pressing, these actions often dictated by the weight of the moist clay. The repetition of this coiling technique also provides awareness through tactile making and allows a deeply personal meditative process. When the mind is emptied of thought and distraction, the artist at work is once more simulating the 'mindless' machine.

The resulting forms emerge intuitively. In the absence of firmware and mechanical processes, no two vessels can be the same - this project is also a celebration of the artist's hand in the age of automation.

Photograph by Zhu Ohmu

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