Robert Nelson’s ‘Instruments of contentment’

Craft is pleased to publish Instruments of contentment – Furniture and poetic sustainability, a book by Associate Director Student Experience at Monash University and Art Critic for The Age, Robert Nelson.

Robert’s book, available exclusively here as a PDF download, is, in the author’s words, a ‘history of contentment’, specifically as it pertains to furniture.

In Robert’s opening statement he says that “‘furniture makes for contentment in two ways: first, it physically creates a context in which we are happy to converse with minimal energy consumption; and second, each piece of furniture can become an object of contemplation and affection, in a rich poetic matrix of associations, histories and metaphors.”

In a wide-reaching, and intriguingly succinct meditation on modern life and design, Robert Nelson’s Instruments of contentment explores how ‘sustainability can be poetically nurtured by ruminating on design’.

Download Instruments of contentment here. (PDF 2.5MB)

Read about some of the concepts contained within his book on The Conversation here.

View a video by Robert about his book here: