Fresh! 2012

Gash by Megan Mitchell














Craft’s annual graduate exhibition Fresh! returns to showcase the state’s best work by our graduate artists and designers. Fresh! explores new parameters of contemporary craft and design.

Opening    Thursday 6 December 2012, 6-8pm
Showing    7 – 23 December 2012

Opened by Kathy Temin, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of of Art, Design and Architecture, Monash University.

Fresh! is Craft’s annual exhibition of graduate work. This past month industry professionals and Craft staff visited graduate exhibitions across Victoria for consideration in Fresh! 2012, with final exhibitors selected by the Gallery Curator.

Professional development opportunities are offered as awards in partnership with industry supporters. Craft acknowledges the support of its sponsors for Fresh! 2012: Sofitel, Future Leaders, Screaming Pixel, Artichoke and Green Magazine.

The Fresh! 2012 Artists, and Winners

Blake Barns (RMIT) – WINNER of the Screaming Pixel Award
Katie Jayne Britchford (RMIT) – WINNER of the Green Magazine Award
Hau Ong Ding (Monash) – WINNER Of the Future Leaders Award
Klara Fletcher (VCA)
Cassandra Littlehands (RMIT) – WINNER of the Green Magazine Award
Lindy Mc Swan (RMIT) – WINNER of the Sofitel on Collins Award
Megan Mitchell (Monash)
Olivia O’Donnell (VCA)
Guy Pascoe (RMIT) – WINNER of the Artichoke Magazine Award
Bin Dixon Ward (RMIT)
Brodie Vera Wood (VCA) – WINNER of the Artichoke Magazine Award

IMAGE Megan Mitchell, Gash, 2012.