Accredited members have demonstrated experience in their field of practice, and can be either established or emerging craft makers. Craft is pleased to be able to offer this Comprehensive (Public, Personal and Product) Australia wide policy rate as part of an exclusive group scheme.  

The current market value for this package is valued at $1100. 

Enjoy the benefits of the General Membership plus Insurance package — all you need as a professional craftsperson.

Professional Development

  • A profile on the Craft Members page  
  • One 30 min professional development consultation tailored to your practice (covering Exhibition & Retail Marketing)  valued at $150
  • Exclusive access to additional business development and industry content, including sample templates, contracts, marketing tips.

Benefits to enjoy...



Public and Products Liability Insurance

Our package is designed to cover accredited ‘contemporary craft’ makers, visual artists/practitioners and graphic designers. Mediums covered include ceramics, glass, jewellery, furniture, textile work including felting, metal, wood, photographs, sculptures and other materials.

The artist/practitioner etc must be practicing as sole/individual traders, ie: not employing staff, and working from his/her own studio or operating at a bench in a shared workshop. This package does not cover an artist/practitioner if he/she is an employer of regular staff or operates as part of a larger business such as a partnership. (The exception to this rule is where the artist is installing a public artwork: the policy will allow up to 3 people assisting as either casual employees or volunteers in installation of public art.)

The artist/practitioner will likely participate in public or private art work which may include some form of design contribution to the built environment in a new, or refurbishment of, building project. This policy also covers artists/practitioners outside of their studio or workshop and have points of sale, exhibitions (usually via a community or commercial gallery) and sell from stalls at markets.

Craft also has built into the policy coverage for an unlimited number of workshops/classes for adults only. For workshops with children, we will only cover up to 12 workshops and a maximum of 10 participants.  With children there are additional considerations because they have an obligation of care. Art workshops can be used as a default childcare facility and our premiums and terms on the policy are not intended to provide cover for more regular child workshops. Artists may also be contracted to undertake art workshops at a school, university, state institution, not for profit or private organisation. This may involve undertaking activity in order to pass on their professional skills; conducting a community based art project; art as therapy for older people, those with disabilities, or a mental illness. This activity is seen as a separate job to the teaching of classes by the artist in their own name and is not restricted to the twelve (12) classes per annum limitation, because it is not covered by our policy.

Public and Products Liability Insurance Limit $20,000,000
Public Liability insurance covers your legal liability to the general public; it provides an indemnity against all sums which you become legally liable to pay resulting from an occurrence which arises from your negligence. The policy also includes Products Liability which covers you for bodily injury or property damage caused by a fault in the products you have made.

Professional Indemnity Limit $5,000,000
The policy is extended to include Professional Indemnity, which provides cover for coaches/instructors/trainers either, paid or unpaid, while performing duties of the association. Professional Indemnity protects you against situations where your advice is defective and as a result of this defective advice a person is injured or their property is damaged. The cover is in respect of the provision, production or tendering of art works.

Property in the care, custody and control of members Limit $100,000
This will protect you from claims arising from other people’s goods which are in your control which you negligently lose or damage. Note that this extension does not cover you for the loss or damage of your own goods.

Excess $250
You will cover the first $250 of every claim or series of claims arising out of any one occurrence.

The above is a general description and does not override or change the policy wording. To find out more:

Public & Product Liability insurance Summary of Terms (71KB)

Public & Product Liability insurance Policy Wording (476KB) 

JLT Financial Services Guide (405KB)


Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident insurance provides makers with income replacement if you are injured and cannot make work because of this injury. The injury does not need to be sustained while working as a maker, it is 24/7 cover. The insurer will provide 100% of your average weekly income over the past two years up to $1,000 per week.

The maximum benefit period (starting at the time of injury and subject to the waiting period) is:

  • 52 weeks for artists aged up to 70 years.
  • 26 weeks for artists aged 70 years up to 80 years.

Waiting periods for cover are:

  • For accidental injury: 7 days
  • For a sporting injury: 28 days

The policy includes Accidental Death and Capital Benefits (lump sum payments) of up to $50,000, and Funeral Benefits (Accidental Death only) of up to $10,000.

Please note: The policy will not cover injuries sustained while working in other paid employment, and will not cover any lost income from a different occupation.

The above is a general description and does not override or change the policy wording. To find out more:

Personal Accident insurance Summary of Terms (235KB)

Personal Accident insurance Policy Wording (463KB)

JLT Financial Services Guide (405KB)


Art Transit Insurance

Art Transit Insurance is available to new and renewing accredited members.

Art Transit insurance provides makers with cover for artwork in transit to exhibitions or installation sites by road, rail, sea, air, and registered post worldwide. Artworks covered include jewellery, ceramics, glass, timber, textiles, paintings, and AV equipment. The policy can also cover the artworks on site at the exhibition for up to 60 days. Art Transit insurance is available for Accredited Members to opt-into at any time. The premium charged is based on the replacement value of the item/s, subject to a minimum of $50 per transit. Contact Julia A'Vard via or (03) 9650 7775 to add this insurance onto your Accredited Membership.

The above is a general description and does not override or change the policy wording. To find out more:

Art Transit insurance Summary of Terms (30KB)

Art Transit insurance Policy Wording (823KB)

JLT Financial Services Guide (405KB)


How to Apply

To apply for this type of membership makers must be a sole trader, and demonstrate a professional standard in, and a commitment to, his or her field of practice.

Craft Victoria is a leading craft organisation in Australia. For more than 45 years Craft Victoria has been working with members who are professional, creative and who produce contemporary craft that is ‘world’s best’. Though our real and online programs and events, Craft Victoria offers professionals an extensive package of benefits and incentives that increase the standard of contemporary craft in Australia. Craft Victoria’s members are active industry leaders and set the direction of craft in Australia.

The accreditation process is managed by an expert Craft Victoria committee, using three criteria:

  1. quality of craft-work
  2. education and
  3. standard of professional practice, as demonstrated via the application.

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Current CV
  • Five images of your work (JPEG files only, under 1MB)
  • One profile picture 

Not applicable
Due to the boundaries of our insurance policy - we are unable to cover:

  • makers of toys for children
  • makers of soaps, candles, cosmetics and other consumables
  • artists who would not be considered craftmakers - traditional painters, digital photographers, digital graphic designers*

* if you are unsure about how you fall into these categories, please email us before submitting your application -

Click here to apply

Accredited Member applications are due at 5pm on the second Friday of each month. Membership benefits (including insurance) will commence on the first day of the following month. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email within 10-14 business days of the closing date.

Closing dates for Craft Victoria Accredited Membership applications in 2018 are as follows:


  • Friday 11 May (for benefits starting 1 June 2018)
  • Friday 8 June (for benefits starting 1 July 2018)
  • Friday 13 July (for benefits starting 1 August 2018)
  • Friday 10 August (for benefits starting 1 September 2018)
  • Friday 13 September (for benefits starting 1 October 2018)
  • Friday 12 October (for benefits starting 1 November 2018)
  • Friday 9 November (for benefits starting 1 December 2018)
  • Friday 14 December (for benefits starting 1 January 2019)

Accreditation is valid for five years from the date of initial assessment, after which time a review will be conducted. To ensure uninterrupted insurance cover, remember to renew your membership annually.