Makiko Ryujin  Shinki (Burning Vessel).  Photo_Made in the Dark Studio

Makiko Ryujin Shinki (Burning Vessel). Photo_Made in the Dark Studio


Exhibition Dates: 23 August – 29 September

Opening Event: TBC

Craft Watson Place (off Flinders Lane) Melbourne

Burning Vessel

Shinki (Burning Vessel) draws from ceremonies Makiko Ryujin took part in while growing up in Japan and is concerned with the uncontrolled transformative nature of fire. 

'The change that is bought to the bowls by fire is in stark contrast to the controlled transformation from wood to bowl on the lathe', explains Makiko. 'After spending many hours working the wood into the bowl, I then must release control to fire and let go of the shape that I have created, welcoming whatever the burning brings to the vessel.'