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Annual Exhibition presented by Railway House

  • North Carlton Railway House 20 Solly Avenue Princes Hill, VIC, 3054 Australia (map)

This showcase celebrates the community that has developed from a shared interest in knitting. The Knitting Circle based at Railway House, in Princess Hill, was started by our current co-ordinator Sandra over 20 years ago. Knitting Circle has evolved into a vibrant, organic, creative force in the local community. It is a richly diverse group, inclusive of all abilities, ages and cultural backgrounds. Participants inspire and support each other in all aspects of fibre crafts, including: knitting, crochet, dying and spinning. Some of our members: Emma, Aileen, Mary and Janice P. began knitting as very young children, under the guidance of their mothers. Aileen recalled how she and her sister knitted knee high socks from the age of 6, during cold Scottish winters. She is now in her seventies and amused, to be still knitting socks. All four ladies value the friendship and inspiration of Knitting Circle. Different journeys are taken into fibre crafts. Philippa was inspired by yarn bombing installations to learn to knit and began teaching herself from You Tube clips. She has found knitting far more enjoyable since joining the Knitting Circle. Interestingly, climate has impacted members’ participation in fibre crafts. Teresa’s childhood passion for knitting was rekindled when she moved to Melbourne after living in Queensland for 40 years. Janice S. taught herself free form crochet when living in the tropics, as there was no need for knitted garments. She has created unique bags that are inspired by nature. Her first bag represented the Coral Reefs. Members knit for many reasons. Alva loves knitting for her grandchildren. Kimba loves the mathematics of knitting. Members have collaborated on social justice projects and participated in an art installation for the Neighbourhood Youth Justice Centre. Sue enjoys making blankets for the Salvation Army. Mary also enjoys making blankets and throws. The Knitting Circle is a Community. Karen looks forward to meeting people each week who are happy to talk knitting for 2 hours. Janice P. still comes every Tuesday morning even though she has moved out of the local area (which she lived in for 38 years). Members help each other with their projects, share patterns and personal stories. Linda has gained the confidence to tackle difficult projects given the support and vibrant spirit of the group. This Community Group is always inspiring and supportive.