Craft cubed participant faq

FAQ, Eligibility, requirements & obligations


What is Craft Cubed? 
Craft Cubed Festival is Craft Victoria's signature annual event which encompasses scores of independent projects, events, and happenings under the banner of a state-wide, month-long festival. Have a look at last year's programme here for more information and inspiration. 

Who can take part?
Anyone who is a Craft Member, or is willing to become a Craft Member who is presenting an event or project that involves an interesting aspect of the handmade.  We welcome all incarnations of what it means to make craft.

What does it cost?
The participation fee is $25 for a regular satellite event.  There are also two other levels of participation costing $100 and $200 which are optional.  The other associated cost is your membership cost if you are not already a Craft member.

When does the festival happen?
Throughout August 2017.  Your event can start in July and run into August, or start in August and run into September – that is okay.

What does “satellite event” mean?
Satellite events are all the events that our members run independently of the core events that Craft Victoria manage and host ourselves.  These are essentially DIY projects that members and member organizations run themselves and are included as part of the overall program. 

Why do I have to be a member?  I didn’t have to be a member in the past.
Due to the popularity of the festival, we have decided to focus on the activities of our members and use the festival as a way to showcase our membership.  This becomes a way for both members and Craft to support each other.

How do I become a member?
Simply go to our website, or telephone or come into our headquarters.
How do I pay my fee?
You will be sent a link when your application is approved.  If you don’t have the link, you can find it in this section of the shop.

What if I don’t live in Victoria?
That’s okay.  As long as you are prepared to be a Craft Victoria Member AND either include Victorian makers in your project OR have a way for Victorian audiences to connect with your project.  Feel free to discuss this with the Project Manager 03 9650 7775
We welcome broad participation from afar!

I don’t have a venue, can you help?
We are working with one inner city (CBD Melbourne) space who will sponsor four projects to use their venue for one week each in August.  If you would like to be considered for this, please tick the relevant box on the application form.  We will contact you for a broader discussion if the panel thinks your idea is suitable for the space.

Other than this, we don’t have a way to provide venue access, but we are keen to facilitate venues and makers and curators sharing and coming together.  At the moment, the best way to do that, is to join our Facebook Group here.
(or look up Craft Cubed Connect)

I can’t make the Briefing Sessions.
That’s okay, we understand that people are busy and sometimes live far away too.  You can interact with the Craft Cubed community via our Facebook Group.
(search for Craft Cubed Connect in groups)

I’m not very good at running events, but I’d love to take part!
You don’t need to run a super fancy event or complex project.  We welcome simple projects that involve community and making.  We will be providing a booklet on How to Run a Good Event to give you a few tips and pointers.  

You might also like to take part in our Craft Cubed edition of our Craft Hatch Market which is aimed at emerging makers launching on to the retail scene.

How do I find out about other events?
We will have a printed program, a website and a social media campaign.  You’ll also be able to connect with other participants within our private Facebook group: Craft Cubed Connect

What do you mean about minimising environmental impact? What can I do?
Some ideas to make your project more sustainable: 

  • use recycled material where possible
  • think local and minimise your travel
  • go digital to save on paper (invite people via email and Facebook)
  • reduce wastage thoughtfully
  • if you are providing food, recycle your waste (where possible) and minimise packaging. 
  • consider the toxicity of your materials

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please don't hesitate to ask us!

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Carla McRae for Colourbox Studio, Craft Cubed 2016

Carla McRae for Colourbox Studio, Craft Cubed 2016


To be eligible, please ensure that you:

  • Incorporate craft and the handmade as a core
  • Respect and understand copyright and originality
  • Understand the requirements and obligations of presenting your event as part of the Festival

Requirements and Obligations

  • Be (or become) a Craft Member
  • Pay the registration fee of $25 or $100 or $200 (depending on your event classification)
  • Host and run your event independently
  • Host your event in August 2017
  • Be responsible for promotion and social media which will complement Craft’s campaign 
  • Use the Craft Cubed and Craft Logo as an acknowledgement on your collateral
  • Ensure your event is safe, ethical and have the appropriate Public Liability Insurance
  • Supply correct content (images and blurb) by the deadline at the end of May
  • Have a representative available for media comment
  • Feedback on participation and visitation statistics at the end of the project (September / October 2017)
  • Make accessibility options a priority
  • Minimize environmental impact where ever possible