As a member of Craft, we’re here to help create exciting opportunities for you as a contemporary craftsperson and designer. Part of our membership program includes the opportunity to have a 30 minute, one-on-one consultation session with a member of staff which explores an area of your choice, including exhibitions, marketing and retail.

Bookings fill up quickly so we encourage you to get in touch and make a time so we can work with you to support your practice!  To book your meeting*,  please email  

As part of each session, we ask you to address the following questions, aimed at helping us better understand where you are now in your current practice and where you would like to be.  You can download a simple list of questions to consider here — on submission of the form, we will be in touch within 5 business days to book your appointment with a Craft team member. 

*Please note that the majority of meetings are held in the Craft Library at Watson Place but these sessions can held over the phone or via skype as required.