To be eligible, please ensure that you:

  • Are presenting a project or event which fits within the parameters of goals and concepts of the festival
  • Incorporate craft and the handmade as a core
  • Respect and understand copyright and originality
  • Understand the requirements and obligations of presenting your event as part of the Festival

Requirements and Obligations

  • Be (or become) a Craft Member. Click here.  
  • Pay the registration fee of $25 
  • Host and run your event independently
  • Host your event in August 2018
  • Be responsible for promotion and social media which will complement Crafts' campaign 
  • Use the Craft Cubed and Craft Logo as an acknowledgement on your collateral
  • Ensure your event is safe, ethical and have the appropriate Public Liability Insurance
  • Supply correct content (images and blurb) by the deadline at the end of May
  • Have a representative available for media comment
  • Feedback on participation and visitation statistics at the end of the project (September / October 2018)
  • Make accessibility options a priority
  • Minimise environmental impact where ever possible