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Modernist with an edge, the home of designer, and collector, Julia Cox is unpredictable, clever, and absolutely beautiful. Rooms are lined with books and works of contemporary art and craft, which sit comfortably alongside an eclectic selection of antique and mid-century modern furniture. From even a cursory glance, you can tell that Julia is a collector and lover of objects and stories. Her home is full of delightful and unexpected juxtapositions of art, material and texture, curated in a space which speaks to a passion for craftsmanship and originality.

Designed and constructed between 2011-2012, sustainability and flexibility were key concerns for her and her family. Built using sustainable systems with a focus on renewable energy and maximising light and space, the house has never spent a cent on electricity and uses a rainwater tank to supplement water usage throughout the house.

We were lucky enough to visit her home back in June and knew instantly that it would be the perfect setting for this year’s catalogue.

Photographed by Lauren Bamford and styled by Stephanie Somebody.


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