6 October - 30 november 2016


In her exhibition Keepsake, multi-disciplinary artist Esther Sandler further explores her signature hand drawn visual language in a lush explosion of pattern and colour inspired by overgrown gardens and carefully curated foliage. Biophillic tendency and human affinity for greenery is reconstituted through a series of textile, jewellery and ceramic mementos for the body and home. Sandler’s bold style adorns the collection with each handmade piece a remembrance of moments spent getting back in touch with nature.

Since launching with a collection of cross-stitched embroidered jewellery in 2011, Sandler has cultivated her own uniquely recognisable hand-drawn style of textile design created under her label Togetherness Design. Inky line work, saturated colours and rich layering is widely recognisable from her work for local Australian and international brands such as Mecca, Toyota Home Sewing, Frankie and Melbourne Museum. In recent years, her practice has come to scope from textile design, ceramics and jewellery.