Life Members

Life Membership with Craft Victoria is conferred by the Board of Craft Victoria in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the organisation through actions which:

Result in Craft Victoria being substantially, demonstrably and positively changed by that contribution; and
Occurs over a significant period of time (at least 5 years); and
Required substantial and commendable personal input; and
Can be clearly documented and corroborated.

Craft Victoria Life Members

Suzie Attiwill Inaugural Artistic Director
Prof Robert Baines Jeweller and Academic
Ramona Barry Chair
Roseanne Bartley Board member
Robert Buckingham Program Manager
Susan Cohn Chair
Norman Creighton Chair
Gerry Cummins Chair
June Denholm Board member
Mari Funaki Jeweller and Gallerist
Liz Grainger Board member
Olwyn Gray Board member
Robyn Healy Chair
Fiona Hiscock Chair
Andrea Hylands Chair
Dr Irene Irvine Board member
Peter Laycock Founding Chair
Helmut Lueckenhausen Chair
Kay Morrissey Executive Director
Dr Kevin Murray Director
Jeffrey Newman Chair
Brett Robertson Chair
James Samargis Chair
Clive Scott General Manager, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins
Raphy Star Collector and arts supporter
Jeffrey Taylor Executive Director
David Turner Chair
Marg Van Roy Chair
Prue Venables Chair
Sue Walker Founding Director, Victorian Tapestry Workshop
Maureen Williams Chair
Damien Wright Chair

Research is continuing into the history of Craft Victoria and your suggestions are welcome regarding nominations for Craft Life Members. Please address your correspondence to the Chair of Craft Victoria.