Lace maker, artist and crafty soul Lindy De Wijn is a public artist living in Melbourne with a diverse practice that explores the role art plays in connecting people, ideas and space. Her contribution to this years festival manifests these concerns in a collaborative project LEAVES OF LACE  - a site specific installation featuring lace gum leaves made by members of the Australian Lace Guild Victorian Branch and community members who have participated in workshops run by the Guild. This installation at Boyd Community Hub is part of this years Window Walk program that brings contemporary craft into the community, giving visitors the chance to be introduced to the rhythm and beauty of bobbin lace making with Lindy de Wijn and other women of the lace making community keen to share their skills and love of lace. We caught up with deWijn to find out more about her creative process, community and other events she's looking forward to seeing in Craft Cubed 2017. 

What’s the significance of the handmade to you?

I am the person who needs to touch things, run my fingers through the grass, feel the texture of the fabric or the warmth of the sun on metal.
I love to work with my hands and appreciate the things that have been made with time and love by others. It is personal and one of a kind. When I use items made by hand they fill me with warmth and a sense of calm in a world that is increasingly busied by technology. 

How would you describe your craft community?

In regards to Craft Cubed, this is my lace community. It spans across oceans. The technology that I despise at times also allows me to connect with lace makers across the globe to share our love and passion for the craft. I am a member of lace guilds locally and globally and have the honour of catching up fortnightly with local lace makers in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. It is such a privilege to share time together an hear the clicking of bobbins as we chat, share stories, assist each other and inspire each other. In the 25 year or so I have been making lace, the lace community has supported me in my journey. The 'elders' of the Guild have amazing skills a techniques and their knowledge is amazing. I am inspired by contemporary lace makers who try new mediums in lace and contemporary design. The lace community is so diverse and there is so much talent and knowledge to share and inspire.

What is your philosophy or motto when it comes to creativity?

I believe that everyone is creative and although I am a bit of a perfectionist I have learnt to love and bask in the beauty of mistakes and what can unfold from them. My practice is very process driven so I often start a design with a general idea but the flexibility to change things as the creative process unfolds. I love the creativity seen in children as they express themselves freely, getting lost in the journey and experimentation and then basking in the creation when done.

Where do you go in Melbourne for inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is nature. I also love going to galleries with friends and family to observe the way they see the world, lines, shape and colour.

How would you describe your studio or making environment?

Flexible. I have a dedicated space at home but always find myself creeping out of the space to be around others. I hate feeling contained. I love taking my lace on the train, tram and to cafes or a park.

How does good craft make you feel?

Amazed and inspired. It makes me stop and think wow that is so clever/beautiful.

What other Craft Cubed events are you excited about?

I think I must have attended one of the first Craft and Design as a Career events years ago and am still inspired and motivated by that day. I also love a good workshop and there are so many to choose from this year!