Nicky Hepburn,  Seaweed Lei  2017. Dried seaweed, hemp thread. Photo: Terry McConvill

Nicky Hepburn, Seaweed Lei 2017. Dried seaweed, hemp thread. Photo: Terry McConvill

Friday 25 May 2018

Contemporary jewellers stand #WithRefugees at Craft

15 contemporary jewellers respond to Australia’s current immigration and refugee policy with neckpieces inspired by the welcome garland found in many traditional island cultures in the exhibition Island Welcome at Craft 2 – 30 June 2018.

Curator Belinda Newick explains the idea arose from a family holiday in Fiji “I was struck by the open-heartedness, the sense of acknowledgement and ceremony to the moment of arrival.” she says. “My intention with Island Welcome was to give voice to the feelings and frustrations I feel as an Australian, living in a time of confronting political decisions that do not align with any of the values that Australia continues to falsely present.”

Newick invited artists – Jane Bowden, Jess Dare, Kath Inglis, Lauren Simeoni, Michelle Cangiano, Nicky Hepburn, and Vicki Mason – to create a welcome garland or lei of their own reflecting on these themes, first exhibited in 2017.

Craft Curator Chloë Powell approached Newick to expand the exhibition in 2018, with seven new artists – Alice Whish, Anna Davern, Liv Boyle, Manon van Kouswijk, Maree Clarke, Melinda Young, and Sim Luttin adding their voices to the conversation.

“For over a decade, people seeking asylum and refugees in Australia have demonised by politicians and the media. By creating a culture of fear, people feel unwelcome in Australia. Art is a powerful way to counter this and showcase that people are welcome. Island Welcomechallenges the current climate of fear and toxicity, powerfully showing refugees and people seeking asylum that they are a part of our community and they are welcome. Without leaders, we are the leaders and this exhibition leads the way in offering welcome and warmth.” states Jana Favero, Director - Advocacy and Campaigns at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Favero will open the exhibition at Craft on Thursday 7 June, 6 – 8pm.

South Australian jeweller Kath Inglis works in PVC, which she hand-dyes and carves into delicate, glass-like pieces. For this work, she turned her skills to the humble pair of thongs, a reference to the shoes commonly found around welcome mats in her hometown of Darwin. “While making this piece, I was also thinking about the old saying 'to walk a mile in another’s shoes,” she explains. “The thinking I have for this Lei is to welcome with empathy.”

“We have an intimate relationship with jewellery. It’s at once private, in holding our personal meaning and memory, and also public in its ability to signify our beliefs, connections, and place in the world,” says Powell.

Craft will mark World Refugee Day, Wednesday 20 June 2018, with two events:

#WithRefugees; Collaborative garland making workshop
Craft, 1 – 4pm
Facilitated by Anna Davern, Belinda Newick, Michelle Cangiano, and Nicky Hepburn.

Island Welcome Conversation Circle: community, collaboration, and welcome
Craft, 6 – 8pm
Speakers: Artist and former refugee Azizeh Astaneh, Jess Lilley, and textile artist Sara Lindsay.
An open conversation about making, collaboration, and crafts intersection with community building, identity, and politics.

Island Welcome will show at Craft from 2 – 30 June 2018
Opening: Thursday 7 June, 6 - 8pm.
The exhibition will be opened by Jana Favero, Director - Advocacy and Campaigns at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


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Notes to Editors: The artist is available for interview. For further information and/or images please contact Viktoria Laux at Craft on 03 9650 7775 or

March 28, 2018

Find happiness, success and good fortune at Gippsland Art Gallery - Everyday Shrines by Vipoo Srivilasa at Gippsland Art Gallery

  Flower Power , Everyday Shrines, 2018, Vipoo Srivilasa, photography by Andrew Barcham

Flower Power, Everyday Shrines, 2018, Vipoo Srivilasa, photography by Andrew Barcham

Sale - 31 March to 17 June 2018

Craft Victoria is delighted to partner with Gippsland Art Gallery to present Vipoo Srivilasa’s solo exhibition Everyday Shrines. Featuring fourteen new works, together with an earlier work acquired for the Gippsland Art Gallery collection in 2015, the exhibition presents Srivilasa's contemporary interpretations of 'Spirit Houses' found outside almost every house in South East Asia.

"Informed by his Eastern-Western lived experiences, Srivilasa's work adds a contemporary and light-hearted slant to native traditions and rituals." writes Mariam Arcilla. "Over the past fifteen years, he has used ceramics to broach stories and ask questions that reflect the cultural narrative of this motherland and adoptive country."

The exhibition expresses the artist's desire to preserve but also mordernise traditional rituals.  He says: “Traditions shape who we are today and who we are likely to become. Keeping the deities tradition alive provides a sense of comfort, and sometimes a sense of belonging and security.”

Craft’s initiation of Craft Forward marks a dedication to bringing craft to regional Victoria through exhibitions and public programs. This is the first exhibition in the Craft Forward series that presents solo exhibitions by influential Victorian makers at Victorian regional centres, supported by Creative Victoria. 

Craft Victoria has a longstanding relationship with Vipoo Srivilasa through in-house solo and group exhibitions and public programs, and is delighted to once more celebrate his renowned practice.

Vipoo Srivilasa’s exhibition Everyday Shrines will be opened at Gippsland Art Gallery on Thursday 29 March at 6.00pm. Members of the public are welcome and are invited to meet the artist and discuss his work. The exhibition continues until 17 June.

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Notes to Editors: The artist is available for interview. For further information and/or images please contact Viktoria Laux at Craft on 03 9650 7775 or

 Untitled in Red & Grey, 2018, Bin Dixon-Ward, image by Eliza Tiernan

Untitled in Red & Grey, 2018, Bin Dixon-Ward, image by Eliza Tiernan

March 19, 2018

The future of the Handmade

Melbourne Australia - Saturday 17 March 2018:

Craft is excited to have opened two exhibitions last Saturday, Vanguard  -  Contemporary Makers Using New Technologies, presented as part of Melbourne Design Week and Northcity4 - 14 Benches

  Subtle Body I , 2018, Michaela Pegum, image by Eliza Tiernan

Subtle Body I, 2018, Michaela Pegum, image by Eliza Tiernan

Vanguard showcased artists,  Lucile Scialliano & Ben Landau of Alterfact, Bin Dixon-Ward and Michaela Pegum opened the exhibition with a conversation circle discussing their experimental approaches to making. Listeners learned about the intricacy of designing and making these artworks, the accidental beauty that drives and challenges their practice and methodologies with 3D printing and electroplating.   

"These artists are combining traditional craft methodologies with new technologies and contributing to a new interpretation of the handmade in craft." says Craft Board Member Katrina Raymond during her opening speech.

"This marks an exciting future for our artists. In our rapidly developing digital age, craft matters more than ever.  Individual, bespoke, hand-crafted objects are becoming rarer, but more important."

Craft is delighted to have opened a second exhibition on Saturday. Northcity4 - 14 Benchescurated by Anna Gray features work of 14 contemporary jewellers from the warehouse studio Northcity4.

Anna Davern, Annelies Hofmeyr, Jin Ah Jo, Emma Grace, Laila Marie Costa, Juan Castro, Flavia Barar, Georgie Brooks, Anna Gray, Ali Limb, Amanda Croatto, Cass Partington, Mehrnoosh Ganji and Pamela Camille display a breadth of different materials and techniques transformed into wearable art pieces.

  Santa Sofía,  2018, Juan Castro, image courtesy the artist

Santa Sofía, 2018, Juan Castro, image courtesy the artist

Vanguard and Northcity4 - 14 Benches are currently showing at Craft, Watson Place, off Flinders Lane (behind Supernormal) Melbourne until April 21.

Melbourne Design Week is an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.

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Notes to Editors: For further information and/or images please contact Viktoria Laux at Craft on 03 9650 7775 or



27 February 2018

VANGUARD - Contemporary makers using new technologies

Melbourne, Australia: Craft Victoria is excited to be part of Melbourne Design Week presenting VANGUARD, an exhibition exploring the combination of craft philosophies, methodologies and materials with new and existing technologies.

This years' Melbourne Design Week theme Design Effects delves into the wide reaching nature of design in its broadest sense.

Vanguard features the artworks of 3 Melbourne artists Alterfact (Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau), Bin Dixon-Ward, and Michaela Pegum, who are pioneering and expanding the possibilities of exciting developments in contemporary and future craft practice.

 Image by: Alterfact, 2018, courtesy the artist

Image by: Alterfact, 2018, courtesy the artist

Through their experimental and sensitive approach to making, these artists are creating new materials, expanding the possibilities of various technologies like 3D printed ceramics & jewellery and electro-plated fabric,  contributing to a new interpretation of the handmade in craft.

VANGUARD is on show at Craft, Watson Lane (off Flinders Lane behind Supernormal), Melbourne from 15 March -  21 April 2018.

Afternoon in conversation - Alterfact, Bin Dixon-Ward and Michaela Pegum
17 March 2018, 2-3pm

Exhibition Opening  17 March 2018, 3-5pm

Melbourne Design Week is an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.


Notes to Editors: For further information and/or images please contact Viktoria Laux at Craft on 03 9650 7775 or

 Image by: Guy Grabowsky

Image by: Guy Grabowsky

Fresh! Awards 2018 - Winner Announcement

9 February 2018

Last night Craft Victoria revealed the winners of the 2018 Fresh! Awards. The highly anticipated FRESH! exhibition highlights works by 13 recently graduated students in Victoria selected by a judging panel who attended graduate exhibitions of over 30 departments within Tertiary and TAFE institutions. The variety of materials, diversity, innovation and concept-led interpretations continued to amaze last night’s audience and judges.

This year marks the 25th anniversary for Craft Victoria to host this prestigious award and exhibition offering emerging artists a valuable platform to showcase their work.

‘Acknowledging traditions while embracing current shifts in craft, FRESH! continues to challenge our perception of what craft is within a rich art, craft and design landscape. The latest offering provides viewers with a snapshot into what is being created now, as well as signifying what we will see develop into the future.’ said by Sim Luttin craftsperson, Craft Victoria member, curator and gallery manager at Arts Project Australia during her speech last night.

 Cassandra Prinzi, Fresh! Winner of the Future Leader Award in front of her artwork  Untitled  from the  Oceana Chromophilia  series. Image by: Guy Grabowsky

Cassandra Prinzi, Fresh! Winner of the Future Leader Award in front of her artwork Untitled from the Oceana Chromophilia series. Image by: Guy Grabowsky

This year’s winners are generously rewarded by prizes which serve to highlight excellence and support further opportunities for emerging craft practitioners.

Dr Helen Sykes AM granted artist Cassandra Prinzi with the Future Leaders cash prize of $1000 for her artwork Untitled from the Oceana Chromophilia series. A love of colour influence informs her jewellery practice. She has recently graduated with an Honours degree from RMIT, specializing in Gold and Silversmithing.

The Sofitel Melbourne On Collins Prize, judged by Clive Scott, was awarded to two artists Seala Lokollo-Evans and Nigel Vogler with an exhibition at the Sofitel gallery space (valued at $3000).  Seala Lokollo-Evans work An Offering to My Other Side, is a series of large, sturdy ceramic entities. The work sees coiled forms, slabs and moulded objects, made from Buff Raku clay.

Second winner and designer Nigel Vogler’s hero piece Blue Bastard of his graduate collection draws from fiction writing in its creation of character and atmosphere and invites you to imagine the wearer and their world.

Melanie Katsalidis, Gallery Director of Pieces of Eight, awarded Brooke Coutts-Wood for her jewellery piece Gabrielle, from the Study of Softness series with a $500 cash prize and a professional development session. In the Study of Softness series, different materials are manipulated to display an array of different tactile and aesthetic qualities relating to the term ‘soft’.

Michelle Stewart won the Frankie Magazine prize judged by editor Sophie Kalagas with an online feature and prize pack. Michelle Stewarts body of work Who will wear it in the end? is created with recycled glass arising from the bushland of the Central Victorian Highlands.

The final prize a professional development session and the opportunity to be showcased within the Craft Retail Space and Exhibition program, judged by Sarah Weston from Craft Victoria, was received by Seala Lokollo-Evans and her work An Offering to My Other Side.

The highly commended works on show at Fresh! also include Ana Peditis, Anna Dunnill, Ashleigh Jessup, Dannielle Faran, Jess Merlo, Josephine Mead, Madeleine Thornton-Smith and Te’Claire.

Fresh! is on show at Craft, Watson Lane, Melbourne (off Flinders Lane behind Supernormal) until the 10 March 2018.


Craft presents Fresh! celebrating 25 years


Craft is excited to celebrate the next wave of Victorian graduates in contemporary craft and design with Fresh!. Presented annually since 1993, this year sees Craft celebrate 25 years of this highly anticipated program, which showcases the energy, skill and innovation of some of the best graduating students from craft and design disciplines throughout the State. Fresh! will be on view at Craft’s new exhibition space in Watson Place from 2 February to 10 March 2018.  

Fresh! presents a significant opportunity for graduates launching their career as makers and artists. We know from experience that Fresh! alumni can go onto great heights with internationally recognised craftspeople and artists Julia DeVille, Jacqueline Belcher and Esther Stewart numbering among over 300 artists previously showcased at Fresh!.

A panel of industry experts and experienced craft practitioners are invited by Craft to review the graduate exhibitions of over 30 departments within Tertiary and TAFE institutions across Victoria. From these exhibitions, the freshest and most intriguing works, exploring contemporary craft, are handpicked for the exhibition. 

This year, Craft is honoured to announce the following finalists:

Ana Petidis (RMIT), Anna Dunnill (VCA), Ashleigh Jessup (Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia), Brooke Coutts-Wood (RMIT), Cassandra Prinzi (RMIT), Dannielle Faran (RMIT), Jess Merlo (Monash University), Josephine Mead (Monash University), Madeleine Thornton-Smith (RMIT), Michelle Stewart (RMIT), Nigel Vogler (Whitehouse Institute of Design), Seala Lokollo-Evans (RMIT), and Te' Claire (RMIT).

In addition to the Craft Development Award, this year the Fresh! finalists are generously supported by awards from Sofitel Melbourne On Collins, Pieces of Eight Gallery, Future Leaders and Frankie Magazine, highlighting excellence and support further opportunities.

Fresh! will be on view from 2 February to 10 March at Craft, Watson Place, Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition opening event will be held on Thursday 8 February from 6-8pm. 

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For high resolution images and further info, please contact:

Media | Viktoria Laux | |  03 0650 7775

Image by: Z. Rosli, Artwork by: Nigel Vogler, Blue Bastard 2017 



craft catalogue.jpg

Regale - Crafting the Table, installation view, photo: L Bamford & S Somebody


27 November 2017 – 27 January 2018

Regale: Crafting the Table delves into the lavish world of contemporary tableware and dressing through the stage of the celebratory table.

Representing a diverse array of Australian artists and makers who work at the pinnacle of craft, design and object-based practice, Regale: Crafting the Table invites you for a sumptuous visual feast.

From the intentionally matching to the eclectically mismatched, the functional to the non-functional, this exhibition celebrates and disrupts traditional notions of objecthood, utility and table settings. Regale invites you to feast with your eyes, find pleasure and amusement and to hold a conversation around our table.

The exhibition evokes the spirit of entertaining lavishly by presenting an array of approaches to contemporary tableware through a resplendent display of ceramics, metalware, wood, glass, mixed media and object-based practice.

In the spirit of the sumptuous table setting throughout history, Regale: Crafting the Table surprises its guests with a Romantic, mischievous, playful and at times disturbing tableau. Towering, uncanny, sculptural centrepieces loom, elegant functional ware is confounded by eccentric improbable objects.

Craft Victoria’s Curator and Exhibition Manager Emma Mayall says “Regale presents the work of over forty artists and makers who have developed a long relationship with Craft Victoria through its membership base and exhibition’s program, this is a coming together to celebrate a new era for Craft Victoria in our new gallery space.” 

Notable artists and makers in the exhibition include Kate Rohde, Julia deVille, Linde Ivimey Marian Drew, David Ray, Katherine Wheeler, Sarah Smuts Kennedy, and Janet Beckhouse.

Craft Victoria was founded in 1970 at a meeting of artists, curators, writers and established itself as a not-for-profit arts organisation dedicated to supporting and celebrating contemporary craft and design. More than 45 years on, we are still committed to supporting local makers through our retail and exhibition spaces, public and professional development programs.

Regale will be on view from 27th November - 27 January 2018 at Craft Victoria's new space, Watson Place, Melbourne, Australia. 




For high resolution images, interviews and photo opportunities please contact:

Media | Eliza Tiernan | | 0438 608 053



Craft Victoria opens the doors to its new home on 5 October 2017.

Craft Victoria has moved into its highly anticipated new home at 171 Collins Street. Accessed via Watson Place off Flinders Lane, the new space includes a number of galleries, a retail store, offices and storage space.

“We’re hugely excited to be in our new home at last”, says Craft Victoria CEO Melissa King. “In our 47th year, it’s the start of new era for Craft Victoria and it’s a joy to inhabit this beautiful new space that has been created to showcase the incredible work of our members. Karen has done an astonishing job in transforming Craft's new headquarters in the iconic 171 Collins Street BHP Building.”

Designed by award-winning Melbourne architect Karen Abernethy, the space features a backlit Foyer Gallery, a Main Gallery and integrates the retail and exhibition spaces.

“It was imperative from the outset that Craft’s new home considered first and foremost the makers, the most important component of the organisation’s membership.  Consequently, the design and detail of the fit out is paired back and minimal to ensure that the protagonists of the space are the artists and their work.

Movable suspended screens allowing a multi-functional and flexible spatial arrangement, an illuminated and reflective atrium that floods the space with light and provides a showcase for some of the most beautiful objects at Craft are some of the features of Craft’s new home, “says Karen.

There is also a purpose-built Members Showcase Gallery that will feature the work of 6 members each month.

“Everything feels more spacious and open and we’re excited to be able to have the chance to bring an even greater diversity and range of works to the public. We want to celebrate the depth and breadth of our members’ work”, says Melissa.

The multiple gallery spaces also give Craft Victoria the flexibility to exhibit more artists and there is an exciting exhibition program in development.

The retail store opens on 5 October at 11am with the exhibitions program beginning from 12 October. The space will be officially opened by the Governor on 27 November to coincide with the opening of a major exhibition for Craft Victoria.


TUESDAY 23 JUly 2017

Craft welcome new CEO Melissa King 

The Chair of Craft Victoria, Lousje Skala, today announced the appointment of Melissa King as Chief Executive Officer of Craft Victoria.

The Board are delighted to announce that Melissa King will join Craft Victoria as its new CEO in July. Melissa has enjoyed a long career in the Arts on both sides of the Tasman and comes to us most recently from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Craft is a jewel in Victoria’s cultural life and after 47 years is entering a pivotal time in its growth and development. We are thrilled to have found someone so perfectly suited to transform and lead our organisation.” - Lousje Skala

For the past 13 years Melissa King was Head of Artistic Planning for the NZSO. She has also held previous positions at the Sydney Symphony, HLA Management and the Waverley Woollahra Arts Centre. She is a collector of glass, ceramics, jewellery and paintings by women of the Utopia Aboriginal Art Community. 

“I feel extremely fortunate to be joining Craft Victoria. It is a dynamic time for this vibrant organisation. The breadth and depth of Craft’s activities is already remarkable and in August we move into our beautiful new gallery and retail space in Watson Place and start planning our 50th Birthday celebrations. I am looking forward enormously to working with the Board and talented staff to build on Craft’s already rich history as we continue to champion our makers.” Melissa King



Craft thanks the State Government of Victoria, who have generously supported the Victorian Craft Awards with the major prize of $10,000 honouring Victorian Arts Minister Lynne Kosky's public service and commitment to the arts. 

Craft Victoria is thrilled to announce the 100 finalists in the Victorian Craft Awards exhibition.

This is the second biennial event facilitated by Craft Victoria in the pursuit of presenting and celebrating excellence in craft and design. The awards exhibition will take place across three venues — Craft Victoria, Collins Place Gallery and Sofitel Melbourne on Collins from 3 June–8 July.

The awards welcome emerging, mid-career and established craftspeople from across the state of Victoria. Craft was impressed by the quality of applications of individual works utilising a range of craft skills, processes and materials. 

Selection judges Mardi Nowak (Senior Curator, The Town Hall Gallery, Boroondara), Richard Ferguson (Executive Director, Craft Victoria) and Olivia Poloni (Curator, Craft Victoria) undertook the challenging task of shortlisting the 100 finalists. 

Lousje Skala, Chair, said “Following the success of the first Victorian Craft Awards in 2015, we are thrilled to once again deliver an exhibition that showcases excellence across the craft and design sector. The Victorian Craft Awards offers a unique opportunity to experience the diversity and skill of Victorian craft practitioners, and we’re proud to share this compelling snapshot of contemporary craft with the wider community.”

The Victorian Craft Awards opens on Saturday 3 June, with the Awards Ceremony and Launch from 4–6pm. 

Natalie Ryan Untitled White Cow Head 1.jpg
Craft Victoria_Karen Abernethy_©Tatjana Plitt_120_preview (1).jpeg
Craft Victoria_Karen Abernethy_©Tatjana Plitt_020_preview.jpeg
  Winner of the Lynne Kosky Jewellery Award  –  Ice Past, Ice Cut, Ice Remnant  by Kirsten Haydon

Winner of the Lynne Kosky Jewellery Award – Ice Past, Ice Cut, Ice Remnant by Kirsten Haydon



With thanks to our major supporters, the State Government of Victoria, Craft is thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Victorian Craft Awards. Presented biennially, these awards celebrate excellence in contemporary craft and design practice across Victoria. 

The Winner of the Lynne Kosky Jewellery Award ($10,000) is KIRSTEN HAYDON
Honouring the legacy of Victorian Government Minister, Lynne Kosky and her outstanding committment to the arts

Supported by Creative Victoria 

The Winner of the Jewellery Encouragement Award ($2,000) is MICHAELA PEGUM

Supported by the Family of Lynne Kosky

The Winner of the Ceramic Award $5,000 is KATHERINE WHEELER

Supported by a generous Craft Victoria donor

The Winner of the Excellence Award ($5,000) is CLAIRE MCARDLE

Supported by the Bowness Family Foundation

The Winner of the Chair’s Award for Innovation ($1,000) is ANNA DAVERN

Supported by Lousje Skala, Chair of the Board at Craft Victoria

The Winner of the Chair’s Award for Innovation – Emerging ($500) is SAI-WAI FOO

Supported by Lousje Skala, Chair of the Board at Craft Victoria

Voting is now open for the People’s Choice Award ($700)

Supported by Craft Victoria

Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to enter the Victorian Craft Awards 2017 People's Choice Award. Entrants can vote by completing an entry form using the paper ballots provided in the exhibition space at either of the following venues; Craft Victoria (31 Flinders Lane) or Collins Place Gallery.

Image credit: Untitled (White Cow Head) by Natalie Ryan


Lynne Kosky Jewellery Award $10,000
Honouring the legacy of Victorian Arts Minister, Lynne Kosky

Judged by Gene Sherman and Marian Hosking

Jewellery Encouragement Award $2,000
Supported by the Family of Lynne Kosky

Judged by Gene Sherman and Marian Hosking

Ceramics Award $5,000

Judged by Nellie Castan and Shane Kent

Excellence Award $5,000
The Bowness Family Foundation

Judged by Sarah Bond and Gregory Bonasera

Chair’s Award for Innovation $1,000

Judged by Lousje Skala

People’s Choice Award $700

Supported by Craft Victoria

Details on each of the finalists' work will be available on from 18 May. 

Saturday 3 June 4pm–6pm

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

Olivia Poloni - Curator, Craft Victoria
03 9650 7775

Craft can arrange high resolution images, interviews and more.


Aidan Mackinnon, Alan Constable, Alison Frith, Alterfact, Andrei Davidoff, Anna Davern, Anne Van der Auwera, Anthony Kleine, Aphra Ellen Cheesman, Bin Dixon-Ward, Blanche Tilden, Bryan Cush, Byron Raleigh, Cassie Leatham, Catrine Berlatier, Chris O'Brien, Christopher Plumridge, Claire Best, Claire Lehmann, Claire McArdle, Dan Bowran, Dana Falcini, Dawn Vachon, Donna Blackall, Elise Sheehan, Elnaz Nourizadeh, Ema Shin, Emma Greenwood, Fiona Hiscock, Gabbee Stolp, Glenda Nicholls, Glenys Mann, Hannah Gartside, Holly Grace, Inari Kiuru, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Isabel Avendano Hazbun, Jane Sawyer, Janetta Kerr Grant, Janine Tanzer, Jill Stanbury, Joanne Linsdell, Kari Lee McInneny-Mcrae, Kate Just, Katherine Bowman, Katherine Wheeler, Katie Collins, Kirsten Haydon, Kirsten Perry, Kirsty Macafee, Kris Coad, Laura Eyles, Lauralai Wilson, Lauren Trojkovic, Lindy McSwan, Lisa Waup, Louise Kyriakou, Louise Meuwissen, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Mark Edgoose, Mechelle Shooter and Richard Greenacre - Shacre Studio, Michaela Pegum, Michelle Cangiano, Mika Chiba, Natalie Ryan, Neville French, Annie Gobel, Pennie Jagiello, Peter Waples-Crowe, Pip Haydon, Robyn Phelan, Ryan Foote, Sai-Wai Foo, Samuel Mertens, Sarah Schembri, Sarah Tracton, Sarra Tzijan, Seb Brown, Sharon West, Sim Luttin, Stephen Ziguras, Susan Buchanan, Tae Schmeisser, Tai Snaith, Tallara Gray, Terry Williams, Tessa Blazey, Tessy King, Tracy Muirhead, Vanessa Lucas, Vicki Mason, Wendy Jagger, Yoko Ozawa, Yu Fang Chi, Yuko Fujita and Zhu Ohmu


18 APRIL - 07 MAY

Craft Cubed Festival.jpg

Exploring tensions between the functional and aesthetic nature of the vessel, Botanica showcases the work of seven contemporary makers, utilising a diversity of craft material and practice in collaboration with floral studio Cecilia Fox.

Jeweller and object maker ACV studio, ceramicist Sharon Alpren, 3D ceramic printers Alterfact studio and stone mason Den Holm, have created works which draw reference from the natural world and historical craft forms. This window also features the work of ceramicist Andrei Davidoff and Victorian Aboriginal Weaving Collective’s Donna Blackall and Glenda Nicholls.  

Exploring interactions between flora and form, Botanica servers as an immersive reminder of our connection to the crafted object and to nature.


Craft showcases emerging makers and curators

Melbourne, Australia: Craft announces the first exhibitions taking place as part of its new Emerging Makers and Curators Program. In the first year of this program, Craft will host two concurrent exhibitions: Slice of Life, a group exhibition curated by Sophia Cai and Sun Room, a solo show by artist Tessy King curated by Jade Bitar.

Both exhibitions will be on view at Craft Victoria's exhibition space (31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne) from 22 April to 27 May 2017

The Emerging Makers and Curators initiative has been designed to showcase the work of exciting new talent to a wider audience. It provides key professional development opportunities, acting as a vital stepping stone for emerging makers and curators supported by the expertise and profile of Craft. Following an open call for expressions of interest, the final selection of artists and curators was made by an advisory group of external experts including artist Kate Rohde.

Slice of Life is a group exhibition curated by Sophia Cai that examines a contemporary approach to everyday objects and still lifes through craft-based practices. The exhibition will feature works by Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Julie Burleigh, Scott Duncan, Phil Ferguson (Chili Philly), Katie Jacobs, Josephine Mead, Tricia Page, and Cat Rabbit. The artists work across diverse mediums including ceramics, textiles and jewellery to playfully depict natural and man-made objects to create familiar scenes from unexpected materials. This focus on ordinary scenes told through handcrafted works highlights the inspirations found in the everyday, and re-imagines our personal relationship to objects, history and nature.

Sun Room is a solo exhibition in which artist Tessy King displays a selection of artwork that considers the meaning and value attached to the ceramic vessel. With a playful nod to the practice of displaying one’s prized objects, this exhibition subverts notions of priceless craft and preciousness. Curated by Jade Bitar, Sun Room remarks on the status of clay making by referencing past incarnations of ceramic objects in antiquity and domestic wares. Contemporary appropriation associated with cultural cringe is deconstructed while emphasizing the ceramic vessel’s historic prevalence. The artist’s hand is visible in every decision made in the construction, which results in a haptic yet perfectly defined and purposeful result. A recent RMIT graduate, King’s original and confident approach in her practice has made her one to watch in contemporary craft. King has exhibited regularly both nationally and internationally.

Slice of Life and Sun Room will be on view from 22 April to 27 May at Craft, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition launch will be held on Saturday 29 April from 4–6pm, and will feature a public performance by artist Chili Philly.

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Notes to Editors:

For further information and/or images please contact Olivia Poloni at Craft on 0421 852 929 or

Image Credits:
Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Pizza Face, 2016, glazed earthenware, 3x29 x29cm. Photograph by Robin Hearfield.
Tessy King, Sun Room (Rainbow Vessel), 2016, glazed stoneware, lustre, granite, steel, turmeric dyed calico, dimensions variable

Craft Presents annual fresh! graduate showcase

Melbourne, Australia: Craft celebrates the next wave of Victorian graduates in contemporary craft and design with Fresh!. Presented annually since 1993, through Fresh! Craft continues to showcase the energy, skill and innovation of some of the best graduating students from craft, design and fine art disciplines throughout the state. Fresh! will be on view at Craft’s exhibition space from 18 February to 11 March 2017

Fresh! provides an important opportunity for graduates beginning their career as makers.  We know from experience that Fresh! alumni can go onto great heights. 

A team of professional craft practitioners, invited by Craft, attend graduate exhibitions of over 30 departments within Tertiary and TAFE institutions across Victoria.  From these exhibitions the freshest works that explore contemporary craft are handpicked.

Craft is honoured to announce the 2016 finalists:

Katie Barter (RMIT), Matt Fairbridge (VCA), Hannah Gartside (VCA), Katherine Hubble (RMIT), Cara Johnson (RMIT), Tessy King (RMIT), Claire Lehman (Holmesglen TAFE), Michaela Pegum (RMIT), Rachel Siklic (RMIT), Bec Smith (RMIT), Siteng Wei (RMIT) and Lauralai Wilson (RMIT).

This year the Fresh! finalists are generously supported by awards from Sofitel, Pieces of Eight Gallery, Future Leaders and Frankie Magazine. In addition to the Craft Development Award, these awards highlight excellence and support further opportunities for emerging craft practitioners.

Fresh! will be on view from 18 February to 11 March at Craft, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition opening will be held on Saturday 18 February from 4–6pm. 

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Notes to Editors:

For further information and/or images please contact Olivia Poloni at Craft on 0421 852 929 or

Image Credit: Hannah Gartside, New Terrain (The Fantasies), image by Rhett Wyman | Bec Smith, Spring 2016, image by Screaming Pixel | Rachael Siklic, RUSS Sideboard

Australia - 22 December 2016

Craft Chairman Lousje Skala today announces the appointment of Richard Ferguson as the new Executive Director at Craft Victoria.

Richard will be commencing his role in mid-February 2017.

Richard has been involved in the cultural, heritage and education sectors for more than 30 years in both Australia and England. A craft and arts practitioner, his initial tertiary training was at the National Art School in ceramics.  Later training in visual arts and photography enabled him to undertake original research and Antarctic field work, on five expeditions, on the use of photography on polar expeditions initially based at the Mawson Institute for Antarctic Research at the University of Adelaide.

This and other creative and curatorial projects ultimately gave rise management of collections, cultural institutions and philanthropic foundations in Australia and England. 

Immediately prior to joining Craft Victoria he was Project Manager of the Cook 250 Anniversary Program at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney. Having worked in museum management at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich (one of twelve lead National Museums of England), the South Australian Museum and the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC). During his time at the MCC he led a collections audit and established new collection facilities as part of a $35 million redevelopment. Prior to that he was Manager of the Museums Australia, Museums Accreditation Program and implemented the introduction of their reaccreditation processes. Richard also has business development and retail experience in the gallery and private sectors.  

He was elected as Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1993, is a member of the Royal Society of Victoria and currently a Council Member of ICOM Australia. Richard also has a Masters of Philosophy from Cambridge University. 

Craft Chairman, Lousje Skala said “The Board is delighted to welcome Richard to Craft. Richard has had an impressive career across a number of prestigious arts organisations in Australia and the UK.  His expertise across many aspects of the sector and his organisational experience will provide invaluable insights into the future for Craft.”

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For further information please contact or call on 9650 7775.







Dear Members;

I am honoured to be the new Chair of the Board of Craft and wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and participation as a valued member. 

As a practicing Contemporary Art jeweller, I became the Chair of Craft in late September and feel that I have insights into the opportunities and challenges of being a local maker in Victoria.  

One of the key reasons Craft Victoria is seen as a leading arts organisation is because of the special relationship it has with its makers and members.  Recognising this, Craft has reviewed its membership and increased the value of the offerings.  

It is the number one goal of the organisation to grow our membership base and offer new membership packages but also to provide more value.  The Accredited members at $250, receive over $1100 of insurance at the current market rate.  There will also be exclusive career and business development information on the website for Accredited and General members. 

The support of our members is vital to Craft and enables us to deliver vibrant programs, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, forums and professional and career development.

My ambitious aim is to double our membership before Christmas and I need your help. 

If each of you finds just one NEW member we will achieve this all important goal.  But please don’t limit yourself to one ask, help us get as many new members as we can.  Ask your friends, your colleagues, your relatives, because together we can make this happen. Give the gift of a Craft membership for Christmas.  

To congratulate and thank the members who have been most active, we are offering some great prizes.  Start now and sign up the most number of new members and win…



1st Prize: One night in a classic room at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins Street with breakfast in the No.35 Restaurant plus two tickets to the MTC’s performance of the 1940s Broadway Classic, Born Yesterday, and a bottle of French champagne, valued at over $700.  

2nd Prize: Four bottles of French champagne valued at $320

3rd Prize : $250 Craft store voucher.

Be sure your candidates acknowledge your introductions when they join, either in the ‘Notes’ section on the online Membership Form, or to a staff member.

We will be in touch with you throughout the month to keep you up to date with our progress.
And in anticipation, thank you for helping us grow into a stronger, more vibrant organisation.

Lousje Skala

Australia - 29 September 2016


   Image courtesy the artist's estate

Image courtesy the artist's estate

Craft would like to honour Artist Klaus Moje, who has died at the age of 79 after a few months of ill health. Known as the father of Australian glass art, the German-born artist created his own aesthetic language which continues to influence Australian artists. Klaus was also the founder of Australian National University Glass Workshop in Canberra and pioneered a fused glass technique using specially developed glass rods.

His works are held in hundreds of private collections, and in more than 60 public collections both in Australia and internationally, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

We join with those in the community in acknowledging this great loss and pass on our condolences to his family.

Melbourne, Australia - 31 August 2016


Artists Dr Anton Hasell, Dr Louiseann King, Elise Sheehan, Kirsty Macafee, Katheryn Leopoldseder have explored themes of memory, devotion, love and loss to commemorate our city and the people who claimed Love Locks for private ritual. To preserve each devotional artefact for posterity, the 20,000 locks have found new life in the diverse forms of a harmonic bell made from 120 kgs of Love Locks, a large necklace inspired by the convict coin traditions, slip-cast porcelain locks, brooches and sculptures.

Heavy Memories, Elise Sheehan 
(jeweller and artist), Melbourne:  Sculptural pieces out of dust particles filed down from the locks.
WINNER: Jen Leibhart

Lovelocked Bell, Dr Anton Hasell 
(sculptor and bell designer) Mia Mia, Victoria: A harmonic bell from the metal of the love locks.
WINNER: Victoria Goodridge

Devotion, Katheryn Leopoldseder 
(jeweller and artist) Kew, Melbourne: A  large-scale necklace of the locks inspired by the convict coin tradition, where inscribed pennies were worn by the loved ones around the neck, close to the heart.
WINNER: Juliette Sutton

Outpouring, Kirsty Macafee 
(artist and photographer), Canterbury, Victoria: A photograph of slipcast porcelain locks created from the originals.
WINNER: Jane Brownrigg


Melbourne, Australia - 17 August 2016




I'm writing to advise that Craft Victoria's CEO & Artistic Director, Jane Scott, has tendered her resignation effective Wednesday 31 August 2016.

The Craft Victoria Board respectfully acknowledges Ms. Scott's achievements over the past three years and we thank her for her service to our organisation. 

The Board has engaged an interim CEO, Ms. Jane Smith who will join Craft Victoria as interim CEO effective Thursday 1 September 2016.

Ms. Smith has more than 25 years experience in Arts Organisation management, and we are confident that she will bring immediate and expert day to day leadership to Craft Victoria.

Please join us in making Ms. Smith welcome to Craft Victoria, and should you have any queries please contact me.

Chair and Board of Craft Victoria.
Genevieve Reid.
Chairman Craft Council of Victoria