14 April – 18 May


Leah Jackson – Combinations
Combinations presents an exploration of domestic ware by Victorian ceramicist Leah Jackson. Drawing reference from her existing range of brightly coloured ceramics, Jackson examines our relationship to object and function through a new series of modular vessels – stacking and combining familiar domestic forms in uncanny compositions. Initiated by the seemingly endless interplay of form and colour in her studio practice, Combinations embraces the sculptural potential of the inhabited space and the objects used within it.

Leah Jackson is a Melbourne based artist and designer working with hand built and slip-cast ceramics. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) with a major in Ceramics at the ANU School of Art in 2003.  Recent solo exhibitions include: Interiors, Mr Kitly Gallery, Melbourne; An Epic Romance, Craft, Melbourne. Recent group exhibitions include: Aesthetics Room, at Mr Kitly Gallery, Melbourne;Chinatown: the sequel, at ltd los angeles, USA; and Rock Solid, at Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne.

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