4 June–27 July, 2015

Counterpoint by Christopher Plumridge is chaos and order, an illusion of control in a complex universe.

Counterpoint explores the origins and connection of ‘everything’ and asks ‘where do we go from here’? From the remnants of ancient time, matter from deep space, fragments from the ocean and mountain peaks, Chris assembles the elemental using wind, water and electromagnetic fire to make his functional contemporary ceramic artefacts.

With vibrating particles, time, speed and direction we are at the mercy of mysterious inner forces beyond our control. We are entirely immersed in and part of the electromagnetic fields of space/time that keep us together at the atomic level, where the logical is absurd and the weird is completely normal. This exhibition makes art from the language of time, inspired by intangible forces. Art matters because art is matter.

Christopher Plumridge is a master ceramicist perfecting his techniques with clay for over 30 years. Specialising in the area of production, Chris uses slip or liquid clay and all glazes are the long term development of formulae he originally began testing as a student in the late seventies, refined over years of practice and repeated kiln firings. This extensive research and development ensures the colour, texture and depth of Chris’ glazes remains unique amongst ceramicists.

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Chemical composition of ceramics in image: Calcined Oyster Shells recombined and dried; Oyster Shell (Ca CO3- Calcium Carbonate); Mornington Beach Red Ochre (Calcined) Fe2 O3; Black ‘Bird’ Tea Pot (Ni, Li, Mn, Co, Cu, Ba, Fe, Na, K, AL203, Si); Turquoise Base Southern Ice Translucent White Porcelain ‘Zero’ Mug, (Cu -Turquoise);Pink Crystal Matte Lidded Box (Mn – manganese makes the pink colour)

IMAGE courtesy of Christopher Plumridge