24 April–2 June 2015

Numurkah by Millie Savage is a world filled with precious objects, colours and chaos. It is a magical land that was created through a state of confusion, a world of limbo where imagination is born and everyone is welcome. Jewels become creatures of opal and pearl that crawl like crabs over deformed mountains and treacherous peaks. Liquid gold surges and bubbles, colours overwhelm the senses, silver and jewels grow out of the landscape. It’s where Aphrodite reigns supreme and her crown lays still. Stars and moons dangle together in constellations, scattered across the night sky. Memories take refuge here and old souls find their place in the world.

Millie Savage is a jewellery artist from the Mornington Peninsula. Working with silver and gold, opals and other precious stones she creates raw forms which playfully explore themes of neo psychedelia, geometry and supernaturalis. Using lost-wax techniques and hand-setting the stones in her Brunswick studio, her spirited, intuitive approach creates work that is bold and transportive. All Millie’s pieces are unique, and no two are exactly the same.

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IMAGE Photo by Natalya Miller