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Cut Between The Lines featuring Laura Baker

Cut Between The Lines is a collaborative project between paper cut artist Laura Baker and members of the community. Laura has invited everyone to submit a drawing, scribble, grocery list or other line based image of their choosing, to be selected and transformed into an intricate paper cut artwork. Final collaborative artworks will be displayed on Instagram daily, before being mailed back to the creator at the end of the month. The combination and juxtaposition of traditional line based work and paper cutting, with online submission forms and social media posts, expands possible audiences for the project and creates an online community for the project. In reality paper cutting is a tactile art form and, whilst photographed shadows and contrasting colour attempts to convey the delicacy, it is only when they are physically held that one truly understands the piece. Sending final artworks back to their creators closes the collaborative and creative loop. This physical materiality further explores the minimum requirements for an image to exist. By sacrificing pigment, and simple removing negative space, an image appears from within the paper itself. Playful musing wonders if images already exist inside blank paper, and seeks to reveal their magic underneath the lines drawn by our community in their everyday lives. These submitted marks carry the personal signature or their maker, and will eventuate in a diverse collection of collaborative artworks.