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Slash Panache: STITCH GLITCH featuring Louise Meuwissen & Milo Gluth

‘Slash Panache: STITCH GLITCH’ is the second iteration of the ongoing collaborative project between textile artist Louise Meuwissen and animation artist Milo Gluth. Their virtually hosted Embroidertations are a celebration of the overlaps between these distinct and notoriously laborious Crafts. For Craft Cubed 2017 ‘Slash Panache: STITCH GLITCH’ focuses upon the similarities of these seemingly disparate art forms, and celebrates the strength found in their differences. In a visual amalgamation of style, Gluth’s hand drawn and digitally generated animated renderings are comprised of imagery of Meuwissen’s textile and embroidered work. These elements have been extensively edited – spliced, enlarged, replicated, synthesised – to produce imagery that is graceful and ugly, culminating in spectacular and horrific unified entities. Together they have created abstracted hybrid creatures that venture the planes of an alternative universe. When interacted with, these creatures feather and froth. This year, the audience will have the chance to interact with ‘STITCH GLITCH’ across a number of events during Craft Cubed. Interactive large scale projections will cover intricate quilted textile pieces and respond to the movements of individuals in the live audience. 

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