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Dolus Eventualis featuring Zhu Ohmu

The performance, using a social media platform for community interaction, draws in its audience using the anticipation created by having a ceramic object placed on top of an ice plinth. Made through a highly laborious process, the object is under the inevitable threat of falling and breaking from the melting process. Given the online nature of the platform and the duration of the ephemeral piece, the spectacle is made accessible to audiences outside the work’s immediate vicinity and geographic time zone. The live-stream function also allows for instant contribution and feedback from amongst the community. This is an ode to Instagram, which has allowed me to exhibit my work in a digital medium and helped grow a vibrant craft network across Melbourne and the world through the current resurgence of handcrafted ceramics. This piece also plays subtle commentary on our current environmental situation, reflected in the working title Dolus Eventualis, a legal term where the perpetrator objectively foresees the possibility of his or her act causing death and persists regardless of the consequences.