Window Space

Craft Victoria’s Window Space is a curated art space featuring new work by craft makers, artists and designers. The space is viewable 24/7 from outside our shop at 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.


Victorian Aboriginal Weaving Collective

Victorian Aboriginal Weaving Collective 19 May – 27 July The Victorian Aboriginal Weaving Collective present an exhibition celebrating their expertise and diversity. Showcasing both traditional fibre craft practices and bold, creative expressions utilising alternative materials. Curated by Hannah Presley. ARTISTS Sandra Aitken, Kylie Bird, Donna Blackall, Suzanne Connelly-Kildomitis, Cassie Leatham, Greta Morgan, Denise Morgan-Bulled, Glenda Nicholls, […]

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Leah Jackson – Combinations 14 April – 18 May Combinations presents an exploration of domestic ware by Victorian ceramicist Leah Jackson. Drawing reference from her existing range of brightly coloured ceramics, Jackson examines our relationship to object and function through a new series of modular vessels – stacking and combining familiar domestic forms in uncanny […]

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VanessaLucas Orangery


Orangery 4 February – 30 March Part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Orangery  draws upon the Australian landscape, evoking its diverse palette with transitions of colour, texture and form. A collaboration between Vanessa Lucas and Courtney King, Orangery presents Lucas’ graceful and disciplined ceramic forms juxtaposed alongside her textiles, with illustrations by King. Orangery transforms Craft’s […]

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Craft Summer Catalogue 2015

Summer Light

Summer Light 3 December 2015 – 3 February 2016 Summer Light is a curated collection of objects drawing from Craft’s 2015 Summer Catalogue. Shot on location in a historic farmhouse in Tylden, Victoria– this year’s catalogue traces the movement of light across a single day and explores the relationships between our living spaces and the […]

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Elise Cakebread Untitled

Concentric Eccentric

Tactile, colourful and abstract, Elise Cakebread’s Concentric Eccentric is yarn, thread, rope and wire spiraling out of control. Concentric Eccentric playfully explores materials such as silk, metal, linen, filament yarn and plastic through techniques such as wrapping, binding, basketry and passementerie. Intricate detail and a warped sense of scale create an exuberant investigation into materiality and […]

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Reflections sees artists, Meredith Turnbull and Anna Varendorff in a joint exhibition exploring the possibility of reflection through interior display, object and sculpture. Inverting the obvious divisive properties of mirrors, Reflections creates connected viewpoints from Craft’s interior to exterior spaces. Varendorff’s objects exploit the tactile utility of crafted forms, intervening with preconceptions of function and […]

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  Counterpoint by Christopher Plumridge is chaos and order, an illusion of control in a complex universe. Counterpoint explores the origins and connection of ‘everything’ and asks ‘where do we go from here’? From the remnants of ancient time, matter from deep space, fragments from the ocean and mountain peaks, Chris assembles the elemental using […]

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Detail, installation view Namurkah by Millie Savage


Numurkah by Millie Savage is a world filled with precious objects, colours and chaos. It is a magical land that was created through a state of confusion, a world of limbo where imagination is born and everyone is welcome. Jewels become creatures of opal and pearl that crawl like crabs over deformed mountains and treacherous […]

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Elise Sheehan’s exhibition features an arrangement of vessels, jewellery and objects. 12 March to 21 April 2015

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Deep Torpor

Min Pin dives into the deep, dark, unexplored crevasses of the ocean and the mind. 29 Jan to 10 Mar 2015

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