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Welcome to Craft Victoria’s Summer (and Christmas) Catalogue! This year’s catalogue looks at the rise of smaller living spaces in Melbourne’s inner city and the innovative approaches being taken through material and design to create dynamic spaces in which to live and work.

Owned by Alex Kennedy and designed in conjunction with friend and architect Sarah Trotter of Hearth Studio, this beautiful and light filled space comes in with a total footprint of just under seven metres squared! Originally built as a garage on Alexander’s childhood home, one of the many challenges was how to turn this small, cold and dark space into a self contained and inviting home. With a tight budget, the pair worked on and off for over a year searching opp shops, demolition yards and ebay to source all of the fittings for the space.

This year’s catalogue is a covetous peek into an intimate space which has been imbued with unique work, judiciously selected with appreciation and minimalism in mind. In an age of an over-saturation of mass produced wares, Craft Victoria invites you to re-focus on curating your living spaces with carefully chosen objects which speak of timelessness and love.

IMAGES: Editor Sarah Weston. Styling by Leesa O’Reilly. Photos by Hilary Walker. (Read an interview with Hilary here.)

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Christopher Plumridge - Black Crystal Matte Side Plate, $45 Leah Jackson - Stained Plate, Porcelain, $45 Iggy & Lou Lou - Vintage Decal Skull, Porcelain, $175 Sandra Bowkett - Copper Spot Vessel, $55 Leah Jackson - Stained Cup, Porcelain, $44 Shiko, Sophie Harle - Zig Zag Jug, $24 Christopher Plumridge - Turquoise Zero Cup with Handle, $90 Cone 11 - Condiment Dish with Spoon, $26.40 TreeHorn Design - Small Serving Board, $55 Christopher Plumridge - Egg Boat, $26 Dianne Collins - Yellow Lidded Dish Kim Jaeger - Yellow Pothead, $143 Vanessa Lucas - Bone Voluspa Jug, $380 Notts Timber - Spatulas and Spoons Leah Jackson - Stained Spot Vase, $110 Sharon Alpren - Stoneware Dip Bowl, $29 Sophie Moran - Coloured Jug, $110