Mechelle Shooter and Richard Greenacre (Shacre Studio), FORM_WERK, imperial white porcelain, 40 x 40 x 21cm (installation). Photography Shacre Studio.

Mechelle Shooter and Richard Greenacre (Shacre Studio), FORM_WERK, imperial white porcelain, 40 x 40 x 21cm (installation). Photography Shacre Studio.

2019 victorian craft awards


Q: What is craft, is my work craft enough?
A: The Victorian Craft Awards are inclusive. We welcome all materials and processes and seek traditional, contemporary and experimental works to represent the scope of craft in the award and the exhibition. The interpretation at application stage is open to the applicant.
From the Terms and Conditions: For the purposes of the Victorian Craft Awards, ‘craft’ is defined as a skilled practice using ceramics, glass, textiles, wood, metal, fibre, or other materials to create experimental, contemporary or traditional works.

Q: Can i submit a body of work (like a series of bowls or vases) or does each entry have to be one individual piece?
A: Each entry is for one body of work – if you have a series or an installation of work that is to be viewed and sold together (e.g. a Gwynn Hanssen Pigott installation) this is considered as one entry.

Q: I make collaborative work, but there’s only one name field on the form, can i still enter?
A: Yes. In the Name Field put in one person’s name who is part of the collaboration and will be the key contact person. List the collaborative artists in the ‘About your work’ section.

Q: The piece I want to enter has already been sold, can i still enter that piece?
A: Each item shortlisted needs to be available for exhibition. Not all entries need to be for sale, however each item must be available on the dates specified in the Terms and Conditions.

Q: How many times can I enter?
A: You can enter as many times as you like, with one work (either an individual or series) per application. An entry fee will be required for each entry.

Q: Have I been practicing too long to be eligible?
A: No. We anticipate a strong cross section of emerging, mid-career and established makers in the competition and in the exhibition.

Q: I’d like to talk to someone about the application process?
A: All enquiries can be sent to

Q: Who gets their work in the exhibition?
A: 80-100 applicants will be shortlisted through a process of “blind selection”, meaning names will be removed from the images and works will be selected on merit not on the maker. The shortlisted artists will be presented across multiple venues.

Q: Where are the exhibitions, can I choose where my work goes?
A: Craft Victoria’s Curator and Executive Director will curate the final exhibition and will determine the position of the works. The exhibition will be displayed at Craft Victoria along with other venues to be announced.

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