Akiko Nagino


Akiko Nagino


230 x 150cm

I draw original patterns on paper cut it out with knife.
I have been really interested in patterns which are the sky, walls, roads, leaves, vegetables and insects. And also those patterns which scare me sometimes, especially that of butterfly.  In my arts practice I question the definition and foundation of what a pattern is beautiful, intimidating, absolute, and distorted. The power of a pattern can draw the observer in, captivate and fascinate them. I love the Japanese culture and in the course of learning Japanese Lacquer I have developed a traditional style, and have learned to apply a range of different techniques. Currently I am experimenting with more primitive expressions.  I came from Japan 3 years ago to live in Melbourne.
I studied Japanese Lacquer and have learned a variety of traditional skills.  After that I made jewelry with Japanese Lacquer. I always used and mix those skills in my work, but it sometime made me difficult to express myself freely. I was influenced by some exhibitions which use recycled material and have a primitive power.  I have changed my material to help access my ideal form of expression patterns in my cut work.

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