Amy Kennedy


Amy Kennedy


artist blend glaze material
15 x 64 x 56cm

In my works, fine paper-thin leaves of glaze material are assembled to form layered objects. Working with delicacy and movement, I use the flowing layers like the opening pages of a book or fluttering piles of fabric to create a windblown or whirlpool effect. Energy and movement is assisted by the gentle softening that occurs during the firing process, giving sculpture the capacity to hover, tilt or extend, as if once animated. It is capturing this energy and creating work that is seemingly made, and found simultaneously, that is a particular aspiration.
Traditionally in the medium of ceramics, glaze is used on the exterior of objects as a functional or decorative surface. In my practice I transform this thin layer from a surface into the building material itself. The glaze thus becomes a skin or sheet from which forms can be constructed. This is an unusual and challenging path. The unique materials created are extremely fragile and difficult to manipulate. The challenging and problem solving nature of the creative process nourishes my ideas and enhances my capacity for investigation and continued discovery.
Lately I have been investigating the medium, materials and processes of glass, and ever so slowly integrating this new knowledge into my work. I am hooked on the material qualities of clay, glaze, glass…. the subtleties and complexities. I am hooked on the unknown, of things unfamiliar, and in making things that I don’t know about yet. My ideas begin as hazy and unclear, but somehow incredibly exciting to me. Creating a curious ‘new’ material directs the forms I make. To create something worthy within the limits is the challenge, the frustration and the joy

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