Bridget Foley


Bridget Foley


The Pool Bowls
porcelaneous stoneware
11 x 21 x 21cm and 7 x 13 x 13cm
$396 pair

I spend a lot of time in the water, in swimming pools and in the sea.  It is a peaceful place to be.  The glaze on these pots evokes the feeling of the blue, the flickering light and fluidity of water.
I work as a studio potter at my home in Alphington.  I make functional ware and one off pieces.  I mix all my glazes and love experimenting with different glazes.
A large part of my practice is making work for clients and orders for retail outlets.  There is a certain repetition in the making of my work, which I enjoy.  I worked for Victoria Howlett in the 1980’s, assisting her in her production ware so I come from that tradition where you could make and sell domestic ware on a regular basis.  I exhibit in art shows around Melbourne, which allows me to make more one off pieces, which balances out my other functional work.  I also do an open studio in November every year where around 10 artists in Alphington open up their studios to the public.   The responses to my open studio are very positive.  People are keen to see artists at work and to see how it is all done.  It is an important part of my practice to make up my own glazes and to experiment with different glaze combinations.  Part of the art of ceramics is coming up with glazes, or a look that is unique; that is what people are buying when they purchase your artwork.  The technical side of glazing and firing a kiln can be quite challenging.  I fire a gas kiln to 1300 degrees celsius under reduction, which I do to achieve the particular effects I am after.  A lot of my inspiration comes from Japanese, Chinese, Korean traditions, both in the forms of the pots I make and the glazes I use.  I resigned from my teaching position last year, and traveled to Japan.  A lot of ideas and inspiration were the result.  Hopefully which will keep me going for the next few years.

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