Chela Edmunds


Chela Edmunds


Small Cities
approx 30 x 30cm

Small Cities is a collection of jewel boxes that work together as moveable, functional sculptures inspired by stone cairns and Buddhist stupas used as vessels to hold relics. These vessels are decorative, interactive and useful objects.
‘Growing up on a Buddhist community on the Sunshine coast of QLD we would use stone cairns as a way to mark out a the path through the bush. These changing sculptural markers looked like small cities to me as a child. They helped us to navigate our way between home, the river and the communal kitchen. Each cairn was made up of a stack of stones that would be added to as you passed by. They were changing structures with changing stories. We would call them stupas and place offerings to the spirits of flowers and leaves at the base. You could tell how long since the last travellers by the life left in the flowers.’

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